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Initial Press Release

For Release Fall 2001

Vancouver Film School Presents

Vancouver, British Columbia - The Vancouver Film School is pleased to present The Grind, a short character drama wherein friendship and addiction compete to control the lives of two men. As the smoke clears and last call has been announced yet again, crowds gather coats and settle tabs as they call it a night. Most of these people are ready to head home and rest for the day ahead, but for a few among them, the night has just begun. Soon, they will be in a dark room filled with the sound of chatter and stained with the stench of sweat masked by stale cologne. The men and women in this room come from all walks of life but share one common goal; to get that perfect hand. These people are true craftsman in the art of the game, who meet on this neutral territory to match wits and trade fortunes. The Grind is a gritty story of one such person in caught in this intricate web of addiction.

Based on actual events, this short film represents the combined effort of a group of highly talented young filmmakers. The first film for many, everyone involved in this production has put forth every effort to craft a modern, exciting drama. Utilizing sharp lighting and camerawork, fast editing, and pumping music, The Grind is a slick and satisfying film - but beyond the film school gloss lies a top-notch story about real people. This is not just a film about poker - above all else it's a film about friendship.

The Grind is a challenging and dramatic film, ambitious indeed for a group of first-time filmmakers to take on. The result of this challenge is something special though, and as the two lead characters come to a fork in the long road towards recovering their friendship, they must decide whether to part ways forever, or to grind it out together for one last hand.

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Brad Smith
David Hung